Support Disability Rights Texas During This Giving Season

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You Can Help Change Lives

It's the time of year that we give thanks for the good in our lives. We know that 2020 has made it hard to do that for many. DRTx has much to be grateful for, including people like you. 

When you support DRTx, you help keep families in their homes, provide access to vital healthcare, give children the opportunity to thrive and so much more. Here’s what one of our clients had to say about how your support makes a difference:

"Without DRTx helping me, I might not be employed anymore and could have lost my home. My doctor told me working at my office was not safe because of my health issues and that I would not survive if I caught COVID. Within a few hours of DRTx sending a letter to my HR department, I received a reply that they were going to let me work at home full-time. I am very thankful to DRTx that I was able to keep my job, and keep me and my family safe during the pandemic." - Rhonda S.


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